Dogs (works n° 623)

Martin Creed

Dogs (works n 623)

12.01.07 → 16.02.07

“I am scared of dogs, but I like being scared


I try to try many things. I don‘t believe enough in one thing to do just one thing. I can’t. I’ve had enough. My world is a soup of thoughts, feelings and things quite indistinguishable one from the other. Words are somewhere half-dissolved in the soup. Words are things. Words are shapes, sounds, noises. Words are like other things. Words are materials. Words, like most things, are a demand for attention. I think I used words first in my work to try to describe things, to write instruction or scripts, to allow things to be made without me, by other people.


Words are never ironic. Words are, like money is, neutral. Meaning is made by people. Words are things to look at. Words are no more or less than other things which fill up space and time. I try not to worry, and put words one after another in a line which stops.


© Martin Creed 2006