18.11.11 → 31.12.11

"Gold Spirit" is an exhibition organized around a particular work of César (1921-1998 ) whether it is bronze or gold, it holds in common the golden color.These sophisticated and precious works the gallery will show, for the most part, were never shown.It’s a set of golden compressions, sculptures/ jewelry, a very spectacular pair of welded bronze candelabras and a big golden bronze wall expansion.


In a book on César, "Golden Compression", published in 1973, Françoise Giroud, wrote"When César’s jewel passes within your reach , if you can't buy it, steal it". César’s golden compression is indeed rare and singular, even dangerously irresistible.A rectangular prism, filled with an immense tension, by the twisted chains, creased medals, the muddled rings, each of them in their own way tells the story of their owner, and says it at length about their personality.It’s true that it was mainly about order, and that pretty women handed César bags of jewels emotionally charged for them.Like Vulcan, he changed the jewels into César jewels.They are baroque and exuberant, minimal and almost rough, covered with precious stones, of smooth or rough gold, the almost magic energy of these portable sculptures is tangible. For César, the material had no value, just a beauty, whether it is formerly the steel sheet or the copper, later the gold or the silver, the material expresses itself with it's own language.


César didn’t realize much decorative art.


In the 70s, he answered some particular orders for the decorator Henri Samuel, for whom he was to imagine, a bronze console expansion for his Parisian apartment at the faubourg St-Honoré.


For Elie de Rothschild, it was to be a pair of big firedogs. For the antique dealer Jean-Marie Rossi, he was to make the lamp expansions, and later a table. The pair of candelabras which will be presented, joins the tradition of bronzes welded by César. It is a vision of a bundle of sticks constituted by small tubes in golden bronze, a kind of trunk of an imaginary and poetic tree among which seven branches come to support candles. The exceptional dimension of these candlesticks make real sculptures between parts of curiosity and decorative art.