Stop the world and let me off

Eddie Martinez

Stop the world and let me off

19.04.16 → 21.05.16

An old country love song originally written by Carl Belew and later recorded by Patsy Cline and Waylon Jennings.


It isn't a love song,to me,now in this world. It's more an anthem of uncertainty and an inability to sit with it all. Shit is too fast. Age, time, deadlines, ideas, death. My own death. When and where and how. Your death. Bigger picture, the worlds death. Melting into terror. Lost track of importance, what matters. Oh I didn't get that text message,
I responded to that email, fuck it's all over. Instantaneous depression and lack of gratification. The systems are skewed, nowhere to turn, we are left with a false sense of comfort disguised in attachment. Cycle of set ups and knock downs. Never settled
Stop the world and let me off.


— EM

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