NADA Miami Beach 2011

NADA Miami Beach 2011

Jansson Stegner & Stefan Rinck

01.12.11 → 04.12.11

Two artists in confrontation:


Jansson Stegner, young painter from New-York, strange and singular.


Following upon his work on the characters in uniforms (policemen, athletes, bourgeois), the artist has produced a new series of which I will reveal the first three paintings during the fair. Direct, young, rich, elegant and idle persons, languid and lazy, are devoted to aristocratic activities, hunting, falconries etc. … Bodies are elongated with distortions which participate in the composition of the painting. Mixture of Greco, Manet, Balthus or Currin, without any grotesque aspect, Jansson Stegner applies to paint only five or six paintings a year. Magnificent and mysterious.


Stefan Rinck, sculptor from Berlin - Germany.


His universe is at once strange and phantasmagorical, revisiting history as well mythology or science fiction, somewhere between the Gothic gargoyle, the grotesque bestiary, and medieval aesthetics. Animals were cut in the raw stone of sand, in direct carving, Stefan Rinck is an artist who approaches the sculpture in a brutalist way and nevertheless contemporary. He prepares a court for NADA, on its benches, all the actors of the judicial universe:
Judge, accused, lawyer, executioner, accuser.

Selected Images