Armory Show 2015

Armory Show 2015

Peter Schuyff

05.03.15 → 08.03.15

Sorry we're Closed is pleased to present a solo show by Peter Schuff at the Armory Show.


Peter Schuyff is a Dutch-born painter who, in 1967 moved with his family to Vancouver, Canada. Schuyff's mother was an artist and his father a professor of economics at Simon Fraser University. Peter became fascinated with the radical views of the art world in the 60s and 70s and especially with such famous figures as Andy Warhol and Willem de Kooning. Peter moved to New York City and became part of an expanding art movement ? including ?Neo-Geo? painters. Yet Schuyff?s art eludes easy definitions or categories. Schuyff's works are illusionist and at the same time they suggest enigmatic stories. They are often painted on found canvas seeming to be finely wrought geometric graffiti over historical images. In other words, an appropriated painting after a work by Vemeer or Van Gough might form the background for a geometrical overlay of paint by Schuyff. This is but one direction taken by Schuyff?s art. Another is carved Baseball bat sculpture. By 2009 Schuff had developed a musical career writing and singing songs. His group of musicians is called The Woodwards who give live performance on national Dutch Radio.

Selected Images