Daniel  Boccato

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Daniel Boccato

Daniel Boccato collects the outlines of objects, freeing them from any narrative, placing them outside a preestablished context.

He reuses the forms found to create monochromatic sculptures, In fiberglass and epoxy, adaptable industrial materials, dried until they reach a strong finish which confers a density on these hollow objects.

Each of these sculptures recalls vaguely something of a déjà vu. The protruding elements, the reliefs wrinkles on the plastic surfaces inspire us to question ourselves indexing here and there grimaces or the human appearance of a grin, but reminds to us also that they are above all forms. Nevertheless, there is an imaginary fragility, a remains of the delicate cardboard and the molds to strip which once contained them.

The cover placed during the process of casting prints wrinkles and folds on the surface, which give an aspect deceitfully thicker in the hard and inflexible shell. And if the works on the brilliant wall remind us of the lineage of a painting-cum-sculpture, there is no painted track: the resin adheres to the paint which was applied to the mold, by by taking on the work in color in an immediate and irreversible way.

Sculptures show in a purely abstracted way, revealing an imprint, the extraction of a reality resisting the representation.

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